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01/14/2018:  High School Diving in San Antonio

The Alamo Area High School Swim League (AAHSSL, The League) is an affiliation of more than fifty high school swimming teams in what may generally be characterized as the Greater San Antonio Metropolitan area.  It encompasses virtually all of the High School Teams in Bexar County as well as several in nearby counties.

The AAHSSL (the League) is organized, managed and operated under the auspices of the Alamo Area Aquatic Association (AAAA).  AAAA is an umbrella organization of primarily educational organizations affiliated with USA Swimming (USA-S).

The League is incorporated as a non-profit organization under Texas Law and the Internal Revenue Service.  The organization is governed by a recognized Board of Directors (BoD) and functions within a set of formal By-Laws for the betterment of aquatic sports within the Greater San Antonio Metropolitan Area.

It is comprised of competitive swimming and diving teams from the following:

     Alamo Heights Independent School District

     Comal Independent School District

     Converse-Judson Independent School District

     Jewish Community Center

     Palo Alto College

     North East Independent School District

     Northside Independent School District

     San Antonio Independent School District

     Schertz-Clemens Independent School District

     High Schools from Laredo and Del Rio
     High Schools from Austin

In late July of 2017, as planning for the upcoming High School Swimming and Diving Season began, a concerted effort was undertaken to ensure that Results from the League Diving events were displayed on the AAAA Web Site in more-or-less the same manner as the Results from the Swimming events.

A League Diving Page was established on the AAAA Web Site, pretty much in accordance with the wishes of the diving community, displaying a meet calendar, specifications of each meet, venues, start times and ultimately Final Results from each meet
Computer operations are central to the efficient function of the League, which has always specified that a Meet Management software program marketed by a firm called Active HY-TEK (Meet Manager), be mandatory for use for all AAHSSL competitions.  Under the Facilities Standards, Section 3.1.6 of the 2017 - 2018 AAHSSL Handbook states as follows: 
"Active Software’s HY-TEK Meet Manager for Windows, version 6.0 or 7.0, operated by competent and experienced personnel and running on appropriate computers."

League Diving meets are sometimes conducted independently of swimming meets.  In such cases, the League Diving community declined to honor the Meet Manager requirement and, with the silent acquiescence of the AAAA Board of Directors (BoD), instead insisted on the use of a much different Diving management software product entitled CleanEntries.  This decision created an immediate problem as regards posting Results data because files from CleanEntries and HY-TEK's Meet Manager are not compatible. i.e., neither program can "read" files from the other.

A good deal of effort was expended by two interested individuals to find away to overcome the problems this incompatibility created, which was ultimately successful, but did require a minor amount of file manipulation to make the CleanEntries Results files readable by Meet Manager; thus ensuring consistency in the posting of swimming AND diving Results on the World-Wide Web.

By January First of 2018 less than 20% of the League Diving Results had been made available for posting was agreed to prior to the start of the season.  In the absence of more than 80% of the known data, the Diving Page was removed from the Web Site.

The aforementioned difficulties generally involve ONLY League Diving results because the Championship Meets (SZT, TAPPS, UIL local Districts, and UIL Region VII-6A) are normally managed exclusively my HY-TEK Meet Manager and should always include the Diving competition.

Whether this situation can be avoided next year (2018 - 2019) remains to be seen.
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